Pop Weds


Pop Weds is a result of planning a wedding in Tucson within 48 hours.

​Jordan was deeply in love and wanted an amazing Tucson wedding, but being fiscally responsible wondered how they could afford $30k for a wedding let along a wedding planner to help her. The list kept getting longer for vendors. The prices kept getting bigger for quotes and a whole year of wedding planning seemed crazy in her head. Maybe it’s for some brides, but she just couldn’t see a possibility especially with a newborn. ​

It started as a joke to get married on a Tuesday. They started to announce their engagement over social media, calling all family and friends. When they asked a date they replied, “probably Tuesday” chuckling at the thought. After all the announcements were made they thought about it. They were both off Tuesday, they looked up when courthouse weddings were available. They grinned at each other and knew that a wedding on a Tuesday wasn’t so crazy after all.

Vendor Profile - Jordan Ochoa

Jordan Ochoa


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