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Howdy, thanks for stopping by!

my name is cameron and i am a wedding & elopement photographer based out of dallas, texas.

for starters, i am a huge extrovert. seriously, you ask anyone of my friends and they will tell you that i love talking. about anything really. i strive to be that old, tattooed guy at the coffee shop chalk full of interesting stories to share.

because of this, i am a lover of people, friendships, relationships, and newly met strangers. it’s fills my heart to make new friends and do life with folks around me. if we chat for longer than 5 minutes, you’re most likely a friend in my book.

i’ve been blessed to call this my full-time career for the past 8 years and i honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. weddings are such an intimate moment in a person’s life and i am incredibly grateful to play a role in their story.

i am a social butterfly, so when i’m not capturing weddings, you can find me chatting with my neighbors about football, spending time with my family, having late night horror movie marathons, and hanging with my precious dog, bilbo.

being with people brings me joy, so if you’re wanting to get to know me more, let’s grab some pizza and be friends!

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