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New Beginnings Films is a wedding film house based in Austin, TX. We strive to create cinematic films that captivate people while inviting them into the story of the wedding day. Our approach to filmmaking is that of lifestyle and narrative compositions that focus on emotion and passion in every frame of the story.

Hey Friends! My name’s Taylor Perkins and am the owner of New Beginnings Films. I’ve been described as sincere, silly, and easy-going… but I like to pride myself as a connoisseur of queso as well. I’ve been making films for as long as I can remember. I remember sneaking into my parent’s closet as a child and finding my dad’s VHS camcorder for the first time (yes, you remember those big things – the “Shoulder Boulders”). Ever since that moment, filmmaking has been the only thing I’ve had such an intense passion for and am continually trying to improve my craft in any way possible.

Going way back, the first wedding I ever filmed was in 2011 for my friend’s cousin and, oh boy, was it a totally different experience from filming your own short films… But I loved it! I loved finding little candid moments between the Bride and Groom, witnessing such intense emotions, and being able to create a story for them that shares that love for one another. It’s been something very special to me and am always so grateful to be a part of the couple’s wedding day throughout all these years.

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