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Price Range $2250 - $4500


Hey! We’re Luke and Alexis, nature-inspired videographers.

We are based in New England and are available for any destination wedding or event worldwide.

We love to surf, travel, hike, camp, garden, rock climb, cook, and are up for any adventure. We pride ourselves in crafting beautiful films and ensuring a thoughtful experience from when we first meet and even after we’ve delivered your films. Everything is shot and edited by us. Our previous clients consider our films to be the best investment they made.

Thank you for considering us!

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At Natural Focus Films, we strive to capture your most treasured moments and the beauty of the natural world around you. And we are committed to preserving that world for generations to come. We donate 10% of our revenue toward wildlife and environmental conservation efforts. Visit our website to learn more about who we are and our mission.


Photos of your wedding are essential and great for framing on your wall, but they only touch the surface of what your day was actually like. Many couples find that their day goes by so fast, they end up forgetting many of the details they spent months carefully planning. That’s where we come in. We find that many of our clients love to look back and relive those experiences and emotions. A photo just can’t do that justice. One thing we know for a fact, you will never regret having a film to remember your celebration of love for the years to come.
This is our signature deliverable and the film that is widely shared on social media to friends and family. Our Cinematic films are creative short-form, fully-edited highlights that capture the best moments and overall energy of you as a couple and your wedding.
Our Documentary films are long-form, minimally edited, and focus on simply capturing the day, as it happens, in the order it happens. Unlike Cinematic films which have a time limit (between 2-7 minutes depending on your package), our Documentary films have no specified length since each ceremony and reception is unique.
Yes! Our main videographer, Luke, is FAA Certified and uses the DJI Mavic Air 2. Drones are incredible for capturing stunning aerial visuals and always take your video to the next level. Usually, if your venue is near an airspace, the FAA requires that we have prior authorization to fly in that space. Depending on venue permissions, weather, or laws in certain regions, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fly the drone, but we will do everything in our power to try!
Rather than locking ourselves into a specific hour requirement, we have found this to be the best option for couples looking for us to be there for every moment. We show up when you’re getting ready and finish whenever we’ve captured enough footage of the party. Our filming is completely optimized when we have enough time throughout the day to fly the drone or other creative filming methods we use like time lapses, interviewing guests, and filming the venue.



2 Reviews for Natural Focus Films

  • Mary L
    Mary L wrote a review July 12, 2021
    thank you from the mother of the bride!!!!

    Getting Luke's video after my daughter's wedding was amazing!!! During the wedding there was so much joy, friends, family, and love.....and a little ...anxiety about hoping that everything would go as planned. Luke and Alexis were the one element I knew was perfect---they were wonderful to work with throughout the whole day. And then when the video arrived, it was perfect! They captured the beauty of the venue, the happiness of everyone celebrating together, and the love between bride and groom. And I could enjoy it all without worry. And still enjoy it to this day!

    Date of wedding: 06-06-2021

  • Rachel S
    Rachel S wrote a review July 11, 2021
    The perfect way to relive an irreplaceable day

    Luke beautifully captured our wedding weekend in a video that felt authentic, sincere, and joyful. He has a gorgeous artistic style and spectacularly ...captured the setting of our ceremony — I loved the dynamic perspective he achieved with the drone work. And even though the shots were stunning and truly embodied the momentousness of the occasion, his video still felt welcoming and understated. Luke also had a real gift for catching the little things, making the video feel true to the mood of our celebration. Our wedding was such a whirlwind and it was hard to absorb every minute, so I am grateful that Luke was able to catch all the sweet moments, big and small. It was a true gift to be able to feel totally transported back in time to such an irreplaceable moment in our lives.

    Date of wedding: 09-10-2017

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