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When I look at a photograph, I feel transported, as if plucked from where I’m standing and dropped into another world.

Photography is my artistic passion. I fell in love with photography on a month-long trip to India in 2007 with my best friend. When I look back on those images, I feel physically moved. I realized the power of an image is to take you beyond remembrance and move you into that moment. I’ve been fascinated and inspired by the artform ever since.

Photography might be my passion, but what I really love is connecting with new people, and helping them connect with each other. I love witnessing and capturing their most important, most incredible, most incomprehensible day ever: they day they got married. Marriage is a wild ride, and I’m here to help you remember how it kicked off.

I’ve been photographing weddings professionally for 10 years. I couldn’t imagine a more fun, meaningful, and challenging profession for myself. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooked up for your wedding, and I can’t wait to be your photographer.

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