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Hey guys, we’re an insanely in love married couple who both can’t keep our hands off sweets. we both are suckers for ice cream in waffle cones and caramel apples. long story short, if you have cold drinks and something sweet to eat…count us in. We’re a Northern California based photography and photo booth company.

Our style combines photo-journalism with a quirky unique edge. Our documentation technique on a wedding day is mostly built around natural and candid moments, recording the laughter, tears, humor, and happiness on the faces of guests, family, friends, and you, the bride & Groom.

We’re passionate about the things we believe in… we’re compelled to photograph couples in love and to capture life’s greatest moments. although at times life can be a struggle, it also never slows down not even for a second. So we feel privileged to be able to help people capture and hold on to memories of their lives, loves, and families.

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