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We met in 2009 while going to school at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. Throughout our years together, we discovered our love for music and the arts, as well as our love for creating videos and travelling.

Our Journey actually began in our local music and arts scene, covering events and festivals throughout the area. In 2016, we teamed up with local videographers, photographers and creative small business owners and created a media collaborative, SMTX Sessions. As a team, we we involved with several community events and projects towards the annual Mermaid Festival, as well as with several local tourism groups, charities, non-profit organizations and businesses to promote our growing city.

In 2017, we started filming weddings. We quickly discovered that weddings were the perfect combination of live event coverage, while also sharing a deeply intimate, memorable celebration between two people, their families, and friends. Traveling to different venues throughout the state also offered an opportunity to explore nearby attractions and soak in the beauty of Central Texas.

After nearly 10 years of exploring and documenting the going-ons in San Marcos, we decided it was time to expand our coverage to the surrounding areas and continue our explorations–thus, the concept of MobilBoheme was born. Our ultimate goal is to embrace the mobile lifestyle, taking our work on the road and the endless possibilities that come with it. We moved to New Braunfels, TX in 2019 with high hopes for new adventures and opportunities. With MobilBoheme, we will continue to document and share stories throughout Central Texas and beyond!

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