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Hi! I’m Mike.

Things I love: Sandwiches, Photography, Photography that also happens to involve hanging out with awesome people on the best day of their lives, Nature, Space, and other nerd things

Things I don’t love: bad sandwiches

That’s not enough? Figured the bit about sandwiches would be enough. Anyway, when I was a wee lad I was always out and about in nature, usually with a camera of some sort in tow. Always a sucker for the sublime, after visiting Scotland and having my socks knocked off from the sheer grandeur of everything there, I decided to take photography a little more seriously to try and do it some justice. Fast forward a few years later and my work shown in a couple local galleries, a couple cool pictures of cows (seriously) got me into shooting people as well. Unlike landscapes, I can tell people what to do in a photo, so its a nice change of pace from yelling at the sunset to go a little slower.

While I still dabble with other forms of photography (think of it as cross training) weddings are my passion. My job is literally to go hang out with people on the best day of their lives and create art with them. That’s SICK. Like how is that even a real job? I try to make weddings as stress free as possible. I’ve shot like a gorillion of them, and I’m always one step ahead solving the next problem you’ll never have to deal with, finding the best light or spot for something dope, or taking a step back and letting you enjoy your wedding. I don’t shoot weddings to get the juiciest ring shot for my next blog post, or to make the wedding seem like something it wasn’t. I shoot weddings to give you the absolute best, most authentic images that really convey what it was like to be there and be present in the moment at your wedding!

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