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I am a lover of the Light. I am passionate about color, vulnerability and deep relationships. I am the recent bride to the most caring, selfless bearded man. You can find me in the desert huggin’ a cactus, a big lover of the Southwest and all the magic and character it holds. If music is on, I’m most likely dancing. I’m kinda known for my twerking skills and stank face. I’ll show you sometime 😉 I’m still on the search for the perfect gluten free donut. I am giddy around flowers. I believe they’re all my friends. If I could have a different job, it would probably be a florist. I once stuck my hand in a port-o-potty to fish out a wedding ring. True story. I love serving the world by artfully capturing moments that share your story with artistry and dignity.

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Meredith Amadee


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