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I’m Meagan, and I create candid-style, emotionally-in-tune photos for all of my couples. These became extremely important to me after an experience that I had one morning with my grandparents; It was then that I realized how much these kinds of photos show what makes a couple so special.

My late grandmother began developing symptoms of ALS in late 2017 and it progressed rapidly. ALS robbed her of a lot, including the ability to speak. But about a year before any symptoms developed, I took a photo of them that I treasure more today than I ever knew I would when I took it.

I was sitting across the table from her and my grandpa as we were eating, and she kept playfully teasing Grandpa, leaning into him and laughing. She had the most beautiful expression of admiration on her face when she looked at him. This was too adorable not to be captured. So, I pulled out my cell phone, and they had no idea, but I captured a completely candid, in-the-moment photo that really summed up their relationship.

That photo remains my all-time favorite. My family and I cherish the fact that we have a photo that shows who they were together. Before we knew anything about ALS or how much it would change everything for our family, we got the most joyful, sweet photo. Every time I look at it, it takes me right back to that moment and I remember the happiness we all felt as it was happening.

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