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Matt is the kind of guy who shows up to your wedding with a giant smile on his face. Why the smile? Because he’s genuinely happy to be there. It’s true. I’ve had the privilege to work with Matt almost every weekend for the past seven years and I am continually impressed by his ability to look at each wedding with a fresh perspective. Quick witted, friendly and always patient, Matt brings something special to your wedding day that sets him apart. He adds his personal, creative touch while seeking out the spirit and uniqueness of your wedding. He remains calm and composed in the flurry of wedding day activity. And like some kind of photo ninja, he is there when you need him and out of sight when you don’t.


Seldom is the wedding day when the groom or a groomsman doesn’t take me aside at some point and let me know just how awesome their day with Liz has been. Liz has the unenviable task of herding the cats that are the groomsmen, and making them look sharp and polished. This often means not just setting up cool portrait poses but also tying their ties, showing them how to fold a pocket square, etc. She is invaluable. Did I mention she’s also an amazing photographer? I can’t count the number of times that Liz’s creative instinct has lead to the winning image of any given moment. While I’m focusing on the subject at hand, Liz is busy making art from the subtext, the secondary plot; finding the alternative angle that so often is the shot that defines the moment.

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