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Price Range $2800 - $7000


More Than A Wedding Photographer

In addition to wedding photography I take on commercial, fashion, editorial, portrait, video and TV promo work. Without a doubt my experience with fashion, commercial and editorial work makes me a better wedding photographer. Some of my commercial clients tell me they can’t believe how fast I work and I tell them it’s because I’m a wedding photographer and I’m used to working in a time crunch.

Wedding photographers know how to get something great in some truly terrible lighting situations. Commercial photographers know how to get striking, attention grabbing images and are prepared to be meticulous about the editing. Editorial photographers have to be able to support a story with images while avoiding anything that looks too contrived or over posed. Wedding photography has always been the most challenging for me but it is also the most rewarding.

Vendor Profile - Matt Andrews

Matt Andrews

There are a lot of things that set this wedding photographer apart. First is his lighting style. Also, his deliverables are very large. You will not want for more photos or missed photos. But most importantly he captures natural moments throughout the day. Clients say they have never seen wedding photos that include more joyful looking photos with people laughing or more emotional photos with tears all in one gallery.


Yes, I typically bring 3 camera bodies and a backpack full of backup lenses and multiple strobes and flashes.
After booking over 500 weddings this has never happened. However, while it is highly unlikely it is just as possible that I may end up getting into a bad car wreck or getting ill as any photographer but I am well networked in the Nashville photography community and am a member of photographer groups where I'd be able to reach out to many pros in a pinch. Those who choose a package that includes a 2nd photographer can rest easy knowing that I hire full time professional shooters to be my 2nd photographers.
Yes, I've gotten this many times over the years and usually after an engagement portrait session couples tell me they usually hate having their photos taken but had fun. Whether we walk around the zoo or a park or sift through a record store or walk your dog over a pedestrian bridge, we are just hanging out and chatting and I direct and pose so you don't have to wonder what to do. Some couples bring bikes or even rent a hot air balloon and we have lots of time to plan and come up with something to do so we'll have plenty to chat about and I'm confident that no matter how much he dreads it or would rather be doing something else that he'll agree it was pretty painless and he won't be dreading the photos on the wedding day as much after the experience.
No, I reserve my weekends for weddings and events. My wife and daughter work and go to school through the week and I often work all day on Saturday so I try to keep my Sundays free for family time also. The best time for engagement portraits I find is around 5pm or 6pm to sunset in the summer so even for couples who work through the week we can usually make a weekday afternoon work.
If you'd like to get together over coffee or a beer I can show off some sample albums and tell you all about them. The albums I build are thick, heavy flush mount albums with leather or metal covers. They are very nice and archival. You can order them anytime up to your 10th anniversary from me but you are also welcome to download your photos and order albums through sites like Shutterfly, Artifact Uprising, or Mpix etc.



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