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Long story short, wedding videos are a way to relive your wedding day, from the parts you don’t see to the parts you don’t remember. Not only do you have the dreamy footage, you also have the crispy audio – your new favorite movie starring you, your friends, and your now blended families. A wedding film is not only showcasing the wedding you have spent months, or even years, planning; it also captures the most important people in your life, forever in time.

The cake, decorations, hair, and everything else only lasts in the moment. Wedding videography is something that you will have for the rest of your lives together to look back on.

But, why video when you already have photography? I may be biased (I mean, it is my job and everything), but there is something special about a video of a moment versus a photo. A photograph captures the moment, the split second, the photographer hit the button. But a video of that same moment… not only can we capture things like you actually walking down the aisle, but we also record audio from that moment too. You could see and hear everything from that one point in time, for the rest of your lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good photograph, but if they say a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how priceless a video will be.

Vendor Profile - Mara Shields

Mara Shields


Right now I am booking 2024 weddings!
My packages can be viewed on my website, or fill out the contact form on my website and I will email you back more information plus the pricing.
Yes! If you are looking for some specific, or want something different than I offer in my packages, we can chat and create a package that fits you.
Yes! 2 hour drive from Greensburg, PA is included in all of my packages. But I am open to going anywhere! Going somewhere cool? Let me know what you're thinking, I may just have a special custom package to offer!
I don't have a limit on hours. I film until I've captured everything I need to tell your story. Generally, from when you're getting ready in the morning, till you formally exit your wedding reception. I want you to love your film and to capture everything you care about!



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