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Hello! We are L E A F Wedding Photography. We wish to transform the way you think about wedding photos.

If you want stunning shots of your wedding, with every detail captured in precision and grace as if torn from a magazine fashion spread, L E A F is right for you.

Finding your ideal wedding photographer is hard work, requiring a substantial investment of time and energy. Everything must be perfect for your special day…and within your budget.

What we deliver

At L E A F, photography consumes our lives. Our purpose is delivering the perfect images.

Our style of shooting is photojournalistic. We stay with you‒without crowding you‒and employ minimally intrusive techniques to smoothly capture priceless moments throughout your wedding. That’s just the beginning, however. Aside from candid shots, details, and photojournalistic shots of your big day, we focus on emotions, and pay special attention to the finer facets of your coverage.

Formal shots, for instance, and, especially portrait and artistic shots will be as unique as your wedding and personalities. And leave it to L E A F to capture the subtle details of your wedding day that you’ve put so much thought into. By highlighting the finer aspects of your event, we’ll complete our coverage and present you with a collection of photographs that you’ll cherish forever.

When you look back at them ten years from now, your photos will still be amazing. That’s because we believe in the art of authentic photography―photography that’s executed correctly on the camera, not just while being processed in Photoshop. We are masters in the science of properly composed photos, and we wield that ability with purpose and precision. At L E A F, we don’t rely on Photoshop, but we do use it to finesse photos, elevating their natural beauty and brilliance.

Our goal is to take your breath away by delivering striking, timeless images.

How we do it

We make your small requests a big priority, and pay acute attention to details of your wedding. We also love to keep in touch.

As much as we value our photography, we care just as much about you. We make every step of the process effortless and uncomplicated.

You won’t find any hidden fees or fine print with L E A F. Our products and packages are simple and easy to understand and our clients always receive files in high resolution with all our packages. The photos are yours to own, of course.

We love to hear from you. As our goal is to deliver the best images possible, it helps us to learn about you, your personalities, and all the ideas you have for your photography coverage. We like to meet with you and plan for your engagement portrait session. You can send your ideas and thoughts about props, locations, and everything else. We can even check your Pinterest boards and get an idea of what you love, or meet in person to talk about it.

Before the big day arrives, we do all of our homework. We scout all of the locations and make time to talk about your timeline, so we will be prepared to get the best images of your wedding.

Although we spend hours on post-production, making your images look sharp and beautiful one by one, our turnaround time is exceptionally fast.

These are the details we focus on to ensure that your wedding photos tell the entire story of your special day. From closeup shots of the decorative accents you’ve carefully chosen, to candid shots and beautiful bride and groom portraits, L E A F Wedding Photography San Diego, will cover your event from every angle. We guarantee this, because we know how important it is to you.

We look forward to talking with you.


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