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This adventure started because of passion. It’s blossomed into something more as the years have gone by and we’re so excited to continue it!

Chelsie started doing flowers while still in high school under the amazing guidance of some wonderful people nearly ten years ago. While this idea is driven by Chelsie specifically it’s made possible by a wonderful “team” of people. (Shout out to the family, friends, mentors, and supportive helpers here)

Our home base is in the Virginia Beach area but as a transplant from the Midwest- specifically the Quad Cities and St. Charles/Geneva area. Our team continues to do events from IL to IA, WI to VA. We’re excited to bring our designs to different areas and look forward to constantly seeing new venues, cities, and people!

Every story we get to bring a little creative love to is one we cherish. Every design- every piece is given love and care. We pride ourselves on being an enjoyable part of your journey and love being able to connect with each client we’re blessed to work with.

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While we don't have true packages as everything is custom to each client or event, we do have a what we call a "Garden mix" go to recipe for those couples who are not specific on flowers just on colors. It's both gorgeous and budget friendly! However even our go to is custom to each client to some degree!
I believe if you Google some website will tell you the average floral cost for weddings is $1,600-$3,000. I hate that answer! Your cost fluctuates so much based on the flowers you want, the people in your bridal party, how many centerpieces do you need and so on. My team and I work hard to meet every client at their individual needs and work within their ideal budget.
Absolutely! Set up and delivery and part of the package. Depending on travel the fee may change a bit but generally for a 2 hour or less set up and delivery it's roughly $35!
I have always leaned more towards a flowy garden feel. However while that's my natural style I have had years of experience doing everything across the board from classic romance to boho. You name it I've probably taken a whack at it!
12+ years, I started working in a floral shop at 16 and have done hundreds of events. I love it. I love bringing visions to life and being a part of someone's day.


3 Reviews for Lavender and Lilies Design

  • Klarissa F
    Klarissa F wrote a review November 21, 2021

    Chelsie brought our vision to life, but made it 1,000 times better. So sweet to work with too!

    Date of wedding: 05-16-2021

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H wrote a review November 21, 2021
    100% worry free- you will get BEAUTIFUL floral

    I was so happy with my wedding flowers! I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but had full faith that everything would be Fantastic! I have never seen ...Chelsie do anything less than amazing! So grateful for her!

    Date of wedding: 10-23-2021

  • Heather B
    Heather B wrote a review November 19, 2021

    Chelsie is a beautiful soul, who does beautiful work! So talented 😍

    Date of wedding: 09-25-2021

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