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All of our favorite wedding moments were created out of an understanding of our couples’ unique relationship with one another and a mutual trust between our team and the couple. The more we know who you are and your reason for joining together in marriage, the better we’re able to design a wedding that looks and feels like you.

This will help us anticipate your emotions and movements throughout the day for more genuine wedding day images. Throughout the planning process and any time you’re in front of our lens, we’re going to be reminding you why you’re planning a wedding in the first place: you’ve found the one person you can’t live without and that is worth documenting. And if that isn’t a reason to document your love; if that isn’t a reason to get lost in one another and allow us to capture your authentic, true selves, then we don’t know what is.


At Lauren Louise Collective, we celebrate love of all kinds by embracing our couples’ genuine love for one another as well as their unique vision and style. From photography and wedding films to planning and design, we believe that love is in the details; the simple, seemingly small moments that you’ll keep coming back to long after your wedding day. While we believe that the details are important, we never want our couples to feel overwhelmed with all of the options that come with planning a wedding.

Our team provides high-end wedding services with a genuine love for what we do that allows you to enjoy these moments and creates space for you to reflect on the things that matter most on your wedding day. We strongly believe that hiring wedding vendors that know and love working with another makes a difference in the overall feeling and style of the day. We focus on creating a collaborative experience for all of your vendors and strive for authenticity in everything we do in order for your true personalities to be shared and displayed throughout your day.

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