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We believe in the transformative power of photography. It is seeing the picture from outside the frame that opens our minds to truly seeing the beauty inside.
This belief applies to all forms of our photography.

The Naked Truth, my version. In our lifetime everyone has heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What we don’t hear is that when the “beholder” is ourselves, that beauty shines from the inside out and radiates. The more we see it in ourselves, the brighter others see it beaming from within.

My mission is simple; to honor every woman in every way.
The female body is a masterpiece. Beautiful in every way. Naturally, Magical.

Shamelessly femme. Powerfully perfect.
Uncover your self-love.

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Lacey Sexson


Yes! Boudoir photography is a gift for both the bride and groom equally. It is a way to create your first piece of art to hang in your new home together. It is both classic and timeless.
You should allow a very comfortable 2-3 months in advance of the wedding date. This way, all energy can be focused on your boudoir session separately as an event, without interfering with your very special wedding day.
Yes, I have a huge Client Closet of exquisite pieces. I also have lots of recommendations for you to create your own special stash of pieces to use another day/night ;0)
Heck yes! Boudoir is for everyBODY! Shamelessly femme. Powerfully perfect. Uncover your self-love.
Absolutely. Be sure to schedule in advance and we can set up your payment schedule to make your investment over time.


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