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I am Kylene… mother, photographer, and business owner. I believe family is the most important thing in the world. Three years ago my mother lost a hard and sudden battle to Lung Cancer. The beautiful portraits I have of my mom, taken by my talented father are reminders to me of her deep unwavering love for her children. This is a photo my father, Darwin took of my mom and my siblings. I am the baby on her lap. There is nothing more precious than the connection with your children and your loved ones. Photography immortalizes that feeling and I am beyond thankful these images will live on through my family history.

This is what we are passionate about creating for you. Portraits and moments you can treasure and hold close to your heart for the rest of your life. Family is sacred & life is beautiful, …let us remind you when you see it through our lens.

My mother always encouraged me to have a career of my dreams and I feel certain I am doing just that. I attended Western Kentucky for Photojournalism, worked at the Times-Picayune in New Orleans and then went on to be Staff Photographer at the Courier-Journal in Louisville Kentucky for eight years. I was raised in the most successful photography studio in Louisville, Darwin’s Photography. My parents mastered the art of giving clients a positive and rewarding experience with excellent images that will last a lifetime. They did by having a close connection with their clients. I am committed to carrying on their tradition.

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