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I’m Kate. Hopefully your new best friend. Your yoga loving, adventure enthusiast, street food connoisseur, self-care activist, cat mom, justice minded, old fashioned mixologist, and professional wedding photographer.

I started out shooting travel/street photography. Some families here and there. Babies (who doesn’t want to photograph babies!). And then…love. When I am around two people madly in love – I lose my breath a little. My heart beats fast. It makes me feel alive and everything seems right in the world. There is nothing like witnessing two people commit to loving one another. Not despite of their flaws and quirks, but because of them. Two imperfect people, willing to put in the work for the greatest gift there is in the world.

I want to help create those dream wedding photos that you long for. Whether that means you are eloping in your grandparents back yard, or a destination wedding in Mexico. Hiring a wedding photographer is very different than hiring any other vendor. It’s important that we have a connection so that you feel 100 percent yourselves in front of me. This will be an experience we create together. I want you to look back on these photos for years and years and remember how you felt in that exact moment.

And if you are still feeling awkward in front of the camera – there is always whiskey. Kidding! (not kidding).

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