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I’m an award-winning photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA and I’m continually amazed by all of the exciting directions my job takes me. I’ve traveled near and far to some of the most beautiful places to capture unforgettable memories for all types of events. Of the many incredible things that come along with being a photographer, one of my favorite things is the relationship I build with my clients. Oftentimes by the end of a shoot, I feel that I’ve either found long lost friends or have become a part of a new family.

I truly love what I do, and I love to see how it reflects back into my lens from the faces of everyone I work with. Your photographer sets the tone of the shoot for any kind of session. For weddings, your photographer is with you more throughout the day than just about anyone else, so it’s important to choose someone you are comfortable and at ease with.

It’s been a delight to hear positive feedback from my clients regarding their sense of warmth and welcome in front of me and my camera. I dance the line between being a fly on the wall and carefully capturing every moment- never at a distance, never missing a beat. With great care and attention to detail, the images

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