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That’s me! I’m a true crime junkie, lover of red wine, coffee addict, office fanatic, and you’ll win me over with a good bowl of queso.

Most days you can find me drinking endless amounts of coffee, listening to indie pop, and trying to keep up with my 4 year old, Damien. I’m an enneagram 9 and my love language is quality time. If given the option of a night out or cuddled up in my sweats by 9, I’ll always chose the latter. I’m a bit of introvert, but connecting with my clients and learning their stories is what brings me to life.

My son is my number one (which is why most of my personal photos include him!) and he is the reason for starting this business. I remember sitting in the hospital room when he was a mere hours old thinking, “How do I bottle this up? How do I remember every little feature of his perfect little face? I always want to remember how I feel right now.” Knowing the only way to truly freeze these moments in life is through a photo I brought this business to life.

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