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I’m Heidi, a wedding photographer and dog whisperer in Detroit with an increasingly worrisome potato chip habit.

I’m painfully Midwestern and fine with it. I have an unbelievably awesome husband and we’re proud parents of a weird, huge-eared dingo. I love good tattoos on great people, loud laughers, and social justice. A lifelong musician and pianist, I am constantly trying not to blow all of my money at the record store and few things make me happier than a well-executed harmony. You can always count on me to provide the best gif for any occasion. Not stopping to pet every dog I pass is not an option. I’m a nerd’s nerd and I play DND every week and Overwatch every day (please remember this is a judgement-free zone). Mostly though, give me all the damn breakfast food. And please, please let me pet your dog. Please.

A long struggle with severe depression and anxiety caused me to see the world, especially love and happiness, in a much, much different light. Thankfully, that has defined what I do: I get to document the tears, the laughter, the love, and every other beautiful emotion a wedding day brings, and everything hilarious and messy and crazy in between. My couples rock my world (and I hope I rock theirs, too) and I’m lucky as all hell to be inspired by the most amazing, kickass folks around. Giving them images that become their legacy is what I live for.

Welcome to my little corner of the world. Let’s do this.

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