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Hi! I’m Christen.

We’re an award-winning floral studio specializing in weddings & special events, I started Hedonia Flowers in 2017 because of two reasons:

I love flowers.
And after a decade of working as a floral designer, buyer, design consultant, and product manager, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge about them. Including, how to share this love with others. There’s something about the ephemeral, nostalgic beauty of an overgrown mossy garden or a lush armful of flowers in full bloom that never fails to make my heart sing.

I love people.
And I love sharing my knowledge with them, especially when it comes to helping them navigate the rather opaque and inefficient wedding industry. Most of all, I love thinking of ways to make the whole experience of wedding planning less of a drag, and more of a joy. The fringe benefits are getting thrown into the frenzy of joy, love, chaos, and emotions of very important moments in peoples’ lives.

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