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We were married a little over 17 years ago in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Shortly thereafter, we created a wedding videography business, entitled Video 21 Productions. We quickly fell in love with weddings, and we realized that we found the perfect job. As the years went by, we started developing a love for photography as well. We decided to expand our business to include photography as part of our services. As if that was not enough, we made the decision to pack up and move to the Sunshine State. We have always loved Florida, we have family there, so what better place to go? We decided to create a new company name, so we chose Head Over Heels Photo, because that is exactly how we feel about what we do.

Along with photography and video, Davis has an extreme love for football. Specifically, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He hasn’t so much as missed a preseason snap for over 10 years, and he can tell you pretty much any player that plays, or has ever played for the Bucs. He even went so far as to create two Buccaneer rooms in his house. It is next to impossible to catch him not wearing some type of Tampa Bay Buccaneer clothing, whether it be a shirt, shorts, belt, or even socks. He also loves to swim, play basketball, travel, and hang out with the kids. And did we mention he really loves the Bucs?

Janice loves taking pictures, whether it be with her Sony A7iii or her camera phone. If she’s out doing something, you can guarantee that she will be taking tons of pictures. Janice also loves the water, and especially loves going to the beach. She also loves to travel, as well as hang out with the kids. She shares a similar love for the TV show “The Bachelor” that Davis does for the Bucs. The family has learned to leave her alone when it’s on:)

We have been blessed with two beautiful children, Kylie (age 16) and Jordan (age 9). Although we have not put Kylie to work yet, she is already a talented little photographer. It is not uncommon to see her using her own DSLR to set up and take pictures of her little brother. She is a highly competitive volleyball player, and hopes to play in college. Jordan, on the other hand, is completely obsessed with Pokemon. He can literally name every Pokemon in existence. If you ever give him your phone with Pokemon Go on it, don’t expect to get it back.

Thank you again for visiting our page, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Davis and Janice


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