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Were a professional dj service, locally owned and operated based out of Tucson, Az and serving all of Arizona providing the Dj Service

Professional Dj Service
Haymore Productions Dj Service is a family owned dj company ran by Andre Haymore. The company consist of brothers, Andre Haymore(Dj Dre), Courtney Haymore(Dj Funk Nasty), & Myron Haymore(Sir Jam).

Our passion for music was obtained from our father Richard Haymore(Aka Cool Dukie), that was a well known Dj here in Tucson back in the… 60’s & 70’s. He would make his rounds all over Tucson playing nothing but solid tunes you couldn’t find anywhere else in Arizona. He was well known for his amazing R&B collection and his bottomless case of blues tracks.

By the late 1980’s brothers Myron & Terry took Djing here in Tucson to a whole level with an enormous
record collection that was collected throughout generations. They were well known for their amazing house parties and club fill-ins. They inspired Andre and Courtney.

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