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We are Award Winning Honolulu Wedding Photographers who cherish the look and feel of film. We intentionally process our digital images to compliment them with a slight grain – not overly saturated or heavily edited. We create relaxed, emotive and genuine photographs in a natural, story-telling manner.

Photography has filled us with purpose and joy, and taken us to here Hawaii we never thought we’d come. We’ve photographed a 1-months-old little girl that giggling all the time when lying at the Magic Island Lagoon. Also we’ve photographed a 76-year-old woman as she told me what it was like to climb onto the stairway to Heaven.

We have never felt so blessed by photography as when we are photographing a wedding. At weddings, we are most visibly ourselves — the walls we walk around with come tumbling down under the forces of joy, anxiety (and sometimes a bit of alcohol). To document that experience, the relationship of friends, families, and a couple launching a new stage in their life, is an incredible feeling. When a client says “This is the first picture I’ve seen of my parents that actually looks like them!” We feel like we’ve done something with lasting value. After years of shooting and more than 350 weddings with our cameras, we still find each one to be more exciting than the last, and try to make each one the best one that I’ve ever photographed.

We’re based in Hawaii, we frequently shoot weddings/pre-weddings/engagements in Oahu, Maui, Big Island Kuai, and all over the West Coast | Available Worldwide.

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  • 140 Liliuokalani Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
  • 808-971-1668



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