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At Gruber Photographers, we are inspired by one simple truth, “A moment is defined not only by its subject, but also by the effect it has on those who share it.” We believe life’s milestones deserve to be photographed with this in mind.

Every detail large and small. Every feeling from only the right angles. From the behind-the-scenes preparations to the spotlighted celebrations. Un-scripted, un-posed and nothing like traditional wedding photography.

Drawing on my extensive background in fine arts and filmmaking, I pioneered the stylistic shift to “event photojournalism” 25 years ago. Ever since, each handpicked team member has advanced the discipline. Our photographers explore new formats, styles, and setups in order to strike the perfect visual tone for each assignment and project.

We deploy a variety of photographic techniques to uncover a richer, more human depth, and utilize perspective and framing to tell a story that will only improve with time. All accomplished with a relaxed intelligence and light-footed presence that puts our clients at ease, allowing them to more fully inhabit the big moments in their lives.

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