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Gracious Plenty is a family-owned catering business started by Tina Burress in 2000. The current owner and operator is Tina’s son Matt Burress. We pride ourselves on a family-oriented atmosphere, loyal customers, and using fresh ingredients.

Tina Burress established Gracious Plenty Catering & Carry-Out in 2000, a family-owned catering company based in Louisville. Currently, Matt Burress is operating this business. They pride themselves on using fresh ingredients, offering a family-oriented atmosphere, and having a loyal customer base. Their catering menu consists of endless food options, allowing you to choose your favorite ones to delight every palate. The team’s service range is not just limited to chefs, servers, bartenders, china rental, linens, set up, and clean up. They also use homemade recipes and the freshest products from local farmers to offer you a unique experience.

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