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My name is Christy

Hello friends, I’m so glad you’re here.

Freckled Feather Photography is my own little corner in the world of small businesses. I started Freckled Feather tentatively in 2013 and finally gave it my all in 2016. I was living in Denver, my hometown and I was walking down the beautiful streets near 16th street mall, looking up at the skyscrapers as it was gently raining. I felt myself unable to contain my emotions and I began to cry. It had hit me; how excited, lucky, scared but so grateful I was to have been able to start my own business. I get to do what I love all the time and also make a living. I get to call the shots and treat people the way I believe they deserve to be treated. I’m my own boss and it’s incredible!

I live for color and am fascinated by connection. I know it can sound cliche but connection, at it’s deepest level, is the most brilliant and beautiful thing to photograph. To capture stories of love through families, couple, artists & self expression is such a privilege. I have a passion for people and love to connect with others inside of their own artistic lens. I’m honored to create beautiful portraits, for all types of people, in all types of settings. So basically, I know how much connection means. Whether personal or professional; understanding the unique vision and needs of the people I photograph is the most important part of my photography.

Let’s connect!

I absolutely can not wait to meet you.

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Christy Dodd


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