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Flow Ceremonies

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Our lives are marked by extraordinary moments. When we honor them, we support all that’s extraordinary in ourselves and the world. In the ordinary course of an ordinary day, I don’t “stand on ceremony.” I value being approachable and approaching others, getting to know people for who they are, and celebrating the way we’re all in this life together.

But there are moments in every person’s life when it’s time to set aside the ordinary and celebrate the extraordinary! The milestones in our lives can shape us if we let them. Sometimes, they offer a glimpse of the eternal. And . . . celebrating can be fun. So let’s get started! This is what I bring to my work:

• More than 20 years’ experience writing, presenting, and performing.

• MAs in Modern Letters, World Religions, and Community Informatics.

• Certification in Mediation and Spiritual Direction.

• Master Celebrant Certification by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute.

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Sheri  Reda



Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants are trained professionals who have completed a course of study with the Celebrant Foundation and Institute. We specialize in creating and officiating at ceremonies that mark the important moments in peoples’ lives. We officiate all types of ceremonies, including weddings and commitment ceremonies, birth and adoption ceremonies, baby namings and dedications, birthday celebrations, and other life events. Every celebrant is an individual, but we all share a mission is to create ceremonies that the beliefs and desires of our clients. To learn more about Life-Cycle Celebrants, visit the Celebrant Foundation and Institute.
Celebrants put you in charge. Among celebrants, there are no cookie-cutter ceremonies. We meet with you in person to learn your story. We help you choose rituals, readings, and other elements to craft a ceremony that reflects your desires. We consult with you and make changes until the ceremony has your complete approval.
My Strengths: I’m an experienced storyteller and performer, a very good writer, and a no-holds-barred editor of my own work. I love getting to know people, and I’m good at helping people say what they want to say, in the way they would say it. My weakness? I tend to tear up at weddings and funerals (and the occasional well-crafted commercial). But I don’t bawl anymore. Usually.
I love them! Interfaith and intercultural weddings offer a perfect opportunity to honor what’s beautiful in your heritage and to show how well varying backgrounds can blend. I would be honored to help you craft a ceremony including a variety of rituals and elements that incorporate all the faiths and/or cultures important to you.
Yes. You can have exactly the kind of ceremony that suits you. Whether you are atheist, agnostic, spiritual-but-not-religious, or religious, you can have a ceremony that reflects your values and ideals, your sense of beauty, and the elements that give meaning to your life.


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