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Hey! I’m Emily

When you hire me, you’re hiring more than a girl who knows how to work a camera and Lightroom. You get a personal hype woman (I like to compare myself to Kris Jenner ‘you’re doing amazing sweetie’) that can make even the most stubborn of fiances *gasp* enjoy taking photos

I’m a 26 year old living in Lincoln, NE with my sister and corgi Olive. I am also recently engaged so brides I FEEL you on wedding planning! I seriously love every aspect of it and am down to be your cheerleader in the planning department.

Photography came into my life in 2011, when a project for a mixed media class titled “people in your life” was assigned I grabbed my sister, her friend, and two poorly made (and now cringe worthy) tutus and headed to an abandoned building.

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  • Shavin J
    Shavin J wrote a review July 9, 2021
    She was the type of wedding photographer I didn’t know I needed until the end of the night.

    Even with lots of planning and forethought it's hard to know how your wedding day will go. I had no idea how much a photographer can influence the flo...w of the day. Emily was incredible from the moment she arrived. She has a firmness that is needed for your family/wedding party that quickly becomes like herding chickens. The language and vibe that she brings makes photos feel natural and comfortable. Most of the time I did not know where she was until she was need. I had some wild ideas for pictures and she took my ideas and ran with them. The pictures were dreamy!
    Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I did not know how much I needed her until after the day was over. Her sneak peak the next morning was way more photos than I had imagined and it made it easy to share with our loved ones who couldn't make it. Thank you, thank you for everything, Emily! ❤

    Date of wedding: 06-26-2021

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