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I am a DC based photographer with a penchant for creating uncommonly kick-ass images. Specializing in portraiture, I believe in telling a narrative the way it happened through a stylized but photojournalistic and documentary approach because it’s hard to dismiss the charm of authenticity of a story told true.

Growing up in rural Virginia my intro to photography came to me at 14 while breaking into abandoned houses with friends to take photos that can only be describe in retrospection as “experimental”. Fast forward a handful of years and I found myself going ‘legit’ and holding a BFA in photography, later finding yet more perspective and cutting my teeth shooting society events in NYC. Having now spent more years of my life taking photos than not, it’s safe to say that I’m all in.

Now here to stay in North End Shaw, DC, my work runs the gamut from weddings, portraits, architecture, and even boudoir. Photography is not just a job, it is the happening that brings continual focus to my life. My full intention rests in giving you elegant and punchy photographs that you’ll hold and reminisce over forever.

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