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Hi! I’m Josh, founder and creative director of Dreambook Productions.

In 2013, I walked away from a comfortable career in SF’s Financial District to become a full-time artist. What originally began as a hobby became a passion, and I risked everything to scratch a creative itch that had turned into an obsession.

Around this same time, I met my wife while filming a wedding (surprise!) All in one moment, I discovered the love of my life while doing what I loved the most in life. They say timing is everything; I can’t explain it – perhaps it was destiny. Perhaps it was written.

It definitely wasn’t easy (and it still isn’t), but I feel super fortunate to have found my passion. Even on the most challenging days, my love for the “camera stuff” keeps me going.
When my baby girl had to have surgery at 3 days old, everything was put into perspective. Not much else matters other than family, happiness, and putting out positive vibes into the world. All I want to do is work hard and make people happy to the best of my abilities. I tell all of my couples the same thing: I’m not about sales pitches and promises – I’m simply about treating your wedding as if it were my own.

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