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Welcome to DJ Matt Allen – Legitimatt Entertainment!

My name is Matt Allen and I am the sole owner and operator for Legitmatt Entertainment. In today’s technology-run world, simply pressing play does not constitute a good DJ. Good DJs today have not only the talent to seamlessly transition songs and read the crowd, but the ability to establish a personal, yet professional relationship with the clients. The best DJs are ones who have all the music-related skills, as well as have the character and integrity to run a small business. That is where I stand.

Though my “normal job” is a science teacher, my passion for DJ-ing emerged during my time as an undergraduate, and my love for music began much earlier. When I was 10, I purchased my first MP3 player with 256MB. At the time, this was about as advanced as the digital music world could get. I spent countless hours trying to decide which 40 songs I wanted to store. As time passed, the technology advanced. With the emergence of iTunes, Spotify, and other digital media players, CDs became obsolete, and the digital world took over. Now, I have access to the highest quality music simply at the press of button.

The first official event I held was for a sorority formal on my undergraduate campus. At the time, I had a decent pair of speakers, and the campus knew I had good taste in music, but clearly did not have all the equipment needed to call myself a DJ. Regardless, the event could not have gone better given what I had. Afterwards, I got more offers from other organizations to play at their events, including a few weddings of close friends. One event (and purchase) lead to another to place me where I am today. I offer nothing but top of the line equipment, professional service, and a friendly face every step of the way.

Weddings are by far my favorite event, with well over 100 heading into the 2020 season. I find that creating a personal relationship with the clients is of utmost importance for all weddings. I take care and interest in every event I perform, but especially for weddings. I know how stressful a wedding can be, so my job as the entertainment provider is to help you every step of the way, even if it is not music-related.

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