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At District Bridal Company, our artists are dedicated to making you feel your best! With our deep knowledge of beauty products to our numerous years of experience, we know that we can achieve your beauty dreams. Our artists know how to make your makeup last- we have all of the tricks in the book! We hope that our understanding spirit, calming presence, and years of expertise will set you at ease and allow your beauty to shine through. Makeup is an art, but, we see it also as a collaboration with our clients. We’re good listeners. We want you to feel like the truest version of yourself!

Our artists stay on the cusp of new trends with continued education and research. As exciting as trends are, we also have the basics down cold. We believe one of the most important aspects of your makeup is enhancing your skin. We are able to work with all skin types regardless of color, tone or condition. Beautiful skin is something that never goes out of style. Whatever trends you chose to incorporate into your look, we know when you look back on your pictures, you will be thankful that we made your skin looks flawless.


We can’t wait to get our hands on your hair! If you can’t pull yourself away from Pinterest and Instagram looking at intricate hair styles- we are right there with you! We love glamorous waves down your back and soft tendrils framing your face. We’re able to create any look that you love- updo’s, low-do’s, down styles or blowouts. We know how to prep your hair to ensure that it looks beautiful, holds all day and feels comfortable. Our artists will lead you in the right direction, ensuring that the style you choose will work with your natural hair texture.

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