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welcome to Desert Beauty Pro! My name is Joanna Campbell and I have been in the beauty industry for five years. I am living my dream with the most fantastic job!

I specialize in many different areas of makeup; from a subtle natural look, all the way to red-carpet glam! I work closely with my clients to establish a finished look that they love. From the moment my client sits in my chair to the finishing touch of powder, I provide an experience that makes every individual feel special.My motivation is to make sure every client feels happy, beautiful, and confident in their own skin!

Vendor Profile - Joanna Campbell

Joanna  Campbell


It's completely up to you! Some women book months ahead of time to confirm that I will have their wedding date available to them. Others wait a few weeks before their big event. Depending on the time of year you don't want to wait until the last minute!
Yes please! It allows me to prepare for your desired look! Both makeup and hair!
Makeup typically takes 45-60 mins. Depending on the hairstyle you choose 30-60 minutes. We will make sure there is plenty of time on your special day to complete your look without rushing!
Don't worry! I work with a team of other amazing artists that can assist you on your special day! We can work together on finding the right fit!
Yes of course! But within limits. 30 minutes each way is included in my pricing. After that I charge a travel fee.


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