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We believe that wedding photography should be focused on you as a uniquely awesome couple first and foremost, and then we focus on the business side of things. Photography is an art that needs to show off your individual style and personality! We put you (the subject) first in everything, because our ultimate goal is not just to make ridiculously awesome images, but to tell your story! We shoot in an editorial, photojournalistic, true-to-who-you-are-as-an-individual, romantic, laugh-out-loud, beautiful, and honest style. I know that’s a little long to put on our business cards, but hey, that’s why we have a website.

Why you should hire me.

Because we care about you. We care about your wedding. We care to make art that represents who you are as a couple and as individuals, and we want the world to see the love, passion, spark, joy, and intimacy that you find in each other.

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