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I love being a photographer in Cleveland Ohio or any destination wedding, I love the wide range of challenges that come with a wedding day. The ability to come up with incredible photos that articulate the personalities in one picture. I experiment every weekend with coming up with unique views, unique images that will push me to the next level of awesome. Learning in photography is a never ending process.

Every day, every weekend and every opportunity to be behind the camera, becomes an chance to broaden my creative eye, to see beyond the obvious, to perceive those little nuances and subtleties and capitalize on that during a moment or pose. Yes, I focus on those that love each other, those couples, those families and of course weddings of all types.

I am a family man myself and truly in love with my life and family. So that translates into weddings and in the blissful story that starts with happiness and never ends. I love seeing those beginnings and capturing those that make the commitment. I am very happy with my career and will be forever seeking those that want to not just have a photographer for their wedding day but for those that want raw emotion, frozen in time for you and your family to enjoy for generations.

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