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First of all, congrats on your engagement and upcoming celebration! Secondly, allow me to introduce myself: I am Kate, the owner of Coordination Co., and I live for the excitement, challenges, and all the good feelings that are part and parcel of all weddings!

I have over a decade of experience in wedding coordination (over 100 weddings), from beach nuptials in Florida to rustic barn weddings in Kentucky to beautiful mountain weddings right here in Colorado. No two weddings are the same, and I love bringing to life the vision of each couple I work with; I’m a hopeless romantic, which makes me a sucker for the story of how you met, how the proposal went down, and if there are any especially sentimental reasons behind your choices for your wedding.

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  • Mary Y
    Mary Y wrote a review June 4, 2021
    Unprofessional and horrible at communication

    DO NOT use Coordination Co.!
    I booked a wedding planner as I knew I was going to need help keeping organized and help finding vendors as I live in T...exas but my wedding is in Colorado. From the beginning I clearly explained that I needed help locating vendors and wanted more than just a day of coordinator. Kate said she could provide that. Her selling point was unlimited communication with her and her team. I thought she understood what I needed/wanted. We decided to work together and I paid a large deposit ($900!!).
    In the beginning, I sent her my current list of vendors (venue) and then asked for help finding the others. My first email asked what should I be focusing on in the planning process. No response. 48 hours later I sent a hey checking in email. No response. 72 hours later I sent a text. Then 2 days later I received an email to focus on big vendors, catering, photography, etc. No recommendations just basic info. I then asked for recommendations. Again same situation. No response until I texted a week later. “Sorry had things come up.”
    I began to get worried. I asked for clarification on expected time to respond and if she was able to help in the way I needed. (Planning and Design) I again was assured yes and that it was just a fluke of not responding. We talk on the phone about next steps.
    A couple weeks later I reach out again for assistance. The same thing happens. No response for days.
    I then messaged that I don’t think we are a good fit and can she clarify communication expectations. I ask if we terminate can she please refund a part of my deposit as we are still quite a ways out and only worked with us for 2 months.
    She then said she is working on a termination contract and I’ll have it by the end of the week. Sunday rolls around with no response. I text. I finally get the termination contract after I send an email and text with reminders with a line that she will refund less than a quarter of my deposit. ($900 deposit, refund $215)
    In total there were 7 emails from her and 1 phone call. I asked her to refund at least half of the deposit since we are still 9 months from the wedding and she only did 8 points of contacts. She refused.

    Date of wedding: 03-26-2022

    Response from Coordination Co.

    Responded 16 Jun 2021

    1. Coordination Co.’s Contract for Wedding Coordination Services clearly states that the retainer fee is nonrefundable, and in addition to her signa...ture on the contract, the former client acknowledged with her initials in two different places that she understood this policy.
    2. As a gesture of good faith, Coordination Co. offered a partial refund even though it was under no obligation to do so. In response, the client indicated she would rather defame Coordination Co. than accept the offered refund.
    3. Coordination Co.’s contract is very clear and transparent in the services offered. Coordination Co. equip clients with experience, insight, and knowledge to help guide them toward developing a team of professionals who they are comfortable with and confident in, and we trust couples to make the best decision for themselves. Coordination Co. researched and sourced 13 vendor recommendations (including the photographer the client ended up hiring), advised on budget issues, and took the time to give this former client thoughtful and valuable information as well as granted them access to proprietary resources.
    4. This former client recognized, at least at one point, the value of Coordination Co.’s services and that work had been performed and asked for a partial refund, not a full refund.
    While it’s unfortunate this former client now chooses not to acknowledge the value of the numerous services provided by Coordination Co., the company proudly stands by our wedding planning process – one that has lead 200+ couples to award us stellar reviews.

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