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In March of 2015, after some soul searching I decided to kick start Clockwork. I had been dreaming about starting a business since 2010 but always put it off. One day a good friend said to me “You’ve made 100 excuses why you can’t do it, tell me 1 reason why you can?” I then turned that fuel into fire and never looked back. For me event planning and design has always been the perfect balance of building a business/networking and being a creative artist.

Growing up I always tended to lean towards the creative side of my brain but was never able to find an outlet in the business world. I have finally found what makes my clock tick. My business philosophy is simple: “Every tiny detail makes the big event extraordinary”. I value the details – finding out each piece of the puzzle allows me to incorporate many aspects into the design. Unique challenges are always welcome. I like to approach problem solving like a maze. There are many different ways you can go about it but trusting my instincts and knowledge, is what keeps me moving forward.

With Clockwork I strive to establish an organized design perspective, customized to the needs of each client. The event is not only about what you want your guests to experience while they’re eating, drinking and dancing but it’s about the marriage with your new spouse and how that LOVE inspires your family and friends. Being apart of each moment during that day is so special to me and I want to make it extraordinary for you!

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