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Your love is unique And so is our approach to wedding filmmaking.

Cinematt is the culmination of many years of soul searching in order to develop a studio and philosophy that couples identify with.

Through the use of great visuals, creative storytelling, and great dedication, we craft a film that represents you. We get to know each client and understand who they are in order to create a unique experience every time. We call it cinemocumentary.

As the Creator and Artistic Director of Cinematt, Matthieu Meynier utilizes his seventeen years of wedding experience to craft a film with unique flair and honest storytelling.

With a team of carefully curated assistants, he strives to capture every unique detail, every irreplaceable moment. Filming your wedding is about more than just showing up on your special day with a camera in tow. Matthieu makes an effort to know each lovely couple on a personal level – and capture the moments that matter most to them.

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Matthieu Meynier



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