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For more than 20 years I’ve helped people of all ages, stages, skin types and tones feel calm, confident and beautiful for their every day lives, and for life’s most important moments.

As an artist, I love creating timeless looks that are clean, chic, classic. I love helping my clients achieve healthy looking skin, beautifully defined natural features that are just as gorgeous in person as they are on camera.

As a woman, I’m unabashedly passionate, an open book, and a vault when I need to be. I love old things and beautiful places, and a really well-told story. While I’m not out in the world or in my studio painting faces, curating my beloved makeup kit and taking pretty pictures, you’ll likely find me at home with my dogs, playing records and making dinner with my husband.

My beauty story is rooted in thousands of interactions and personal connections with women as we’ve shared in confidence, overcome personal challenges, and celebrated victories, and it’s all led so far to an incredibly rewarding career of creating and beautiful stories with others.

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Christi Reynolds


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