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New Mexico Wedding Photographer Chris Sollart has been passionately photographing weddings as a full time professional for over 20 years. He has won over 30 first place awards for his ability to capture the joy and excitement that make each wedding one of a kind, using a combination of photojournalism and fine portraiture. He started his career in the New York metro area, then moved to Seattle and has now settled in beautiful New Mexico.

Chris; “Photography is my calling in life. Nothing gives me more pleasure than capturing the instant when someone is relaxed and joyful. My joy is using artistic and technical expertise to create a custom book or finely finished print-bringing pleasure to couples and loved ones for decades to come! I’ve been involved in photography since the age of 12. I have been certified by the Professional Photographers of America. It has also been my joy and honor to receive over 30 First Place awards in wedding photography competitions-including Best Wedding Album, Best Wedding Image, and Best Wedding Candid.

Although I’ve covered many photographic subjects through the years, I find weddings to be the most personally exciting and emotionally rewarding. My vast experience allows me to act quickly to make the most of your precious time, on the most important day in your life. I’ve photographed nearly a thousand weddings. It continues to amaze and inspire me that every wedding is completely unique and heartwarming, as are the people in it.”

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Chris Sollart

Award-winning wedding photography with 20+ years experience.


The most important question to ask yourself is: Does their photography inspire me? I hope that my photography inspires you! That should be your number one reason for considering any photographer! Here are a few other things to look for when looking at a photographer’s website or portfolio or when you meet with them: • Do their photos look like they should be in a magazine or do they look like ordinary snapshots that anyone could take? • Do skin tones look natural, or is there an unnatural color cast? • Does skin look beautiful and healthy or does it look oily? Are there noticeable blemishes or dark circles under people’s eyes? • Does the color and brightness look consistently good, or are there some photos that look too light, too dark, or the color is off? • Do the posed photos look natural, or do they look stiff, boring, contrived, or too silly? • Do the people look attractive and comfortable in their clothes? • Are the backgrounds of the portraits beautiful? • Does the photographer rely too heavily on “special effects”? Do these effects appeal to you or would you rather that most of the photos look more natural? • Does the photographer pressure you to sign the contract before you leave the first meeting? • Do they keep their prices a ‘secret’ until you’ve sat through a long sales presentation? • Are they offering you a special deal if you sign right away rather than having time to think about it or interview other photographers? Would they offer you the same price if you wanted to think about it for a week?
I've had a passion for photographing people since I was 12 years old and discovered that weddings provided an excellent opportunity for me to indulge in that passion! I also love being a documentarian and have always felt great satisfaction capturing images of important events in the lives of my friends and family as well as my clients. It gives me tremendous joy knowing that my photographs will continue to be enjoyed for many decades to come. I feel honored that the albums that I produce will become one of the most cherished possessions that my clients own and that they will be passed down through the generations. Just think about how you feel when you look at your parent's or grandparent's wedding albums and how much your children and grandchildren will enjoy looking at yours!
Even more important than awards are reviews and referrals from real clients! I currently have over 100 Five Star reviews from satisfied clients on a number of websites, including: The Knot .com Yelp Facebook and Google Reviews.
I promise to have them posted within 2 weeks after your wedding. 99% of the time I have them posted within just 4 days. Your private website will be available for viewing indefinitely! No expiration date! You can even create your own slideshows with the images of your choice and view them indefinitely on any device!
Absolutely! After I design your album, you’ll get to view it online and make changes if you like. Once you let me know you’re happy with it, the album gets printed and bound for you. The digital version will remain online indefinitely so that you can show it off to anyone with any device for years to come. There is no expiration date!



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