Boudoir Photography by David Victory | Boudoir Photography in Los Angeles CA

Boudoir Photography by David Victory

Price Range $750 - $4750
  • 945 Maple Ave Unit B Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • 310-988-6575


Hello, I am David Victory a fashion photographer in LA OC

I have included my boudoir album here and there is much more if you google my name

If you want a custom boudoir session in LA and OC I am a great choice and can create a one of a kind photo session just for you

My all female team of stylist, hair, makeup and assistants are available for large boudoir sessions

All expert color grading and retouching is done in-house and under my supervision, the same top notch equipment I use for brand fashion shoots in studio and on location is used for your session

During the past 7 years I have lensed 100s of models for editorial, lifestyle, advertising and studio fashion photo sessions and developed my own style of lighting and shooting, whether avant-garde or fantasy I portray a unique blend of art, science and beauty

So far I have traveled and shot in 75 cities worldwide and counting, no matter what your background we will have many interesting stories to share about travel and exotic locations while shooting

Check out all 5star reviews on my site and lets capture the most beautiful you in boudoir

Vendor Profile - David Victory

David Victory
  • 945 Maple Ave Unit B Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • 310-988-6575

Our Top 10 Reasons for Boudoir with David Victory

1. Different
2. Cinematic
3. Published
4. Multi awards
5. All female team
6. Never twice the same
7. Brand fashion photographer
8. Three hundred 5-Star reviews
9. Session at location of your choice
10. International | 75 cities and counting

LA fashion photographer David Victory is not afraid of heights, he shoots out of helicopters and hangs off of giant cranes to create his photography for brands worldwide, David’s boudoir sessions are as simple or extravagant as you can imagine, to capture the best you with his light and shadow.


I got my first camera at age 5 and have never looked up since! This has been my passion and only profession since graduating college of photography and television production Plus I have been shooting Boudoir and fashion since 2014
Although any production or photo session is a collaboration, whether brand, Boudoir or glamour, even videos I produce for names such as Microsoft, abc, MTV, Epson and other International media It can best be likened to lets say a doctor-patient relationship This is where the client should fully explain how they feel and stop short of diagnosing and treatment, if you know what I mean! That's when I go the extra two miles and more
Yes and yes, actually when there is a professional makeup artist or stylist specified for boudoir shoots, my wife who is a top industry LA pro and previously business manager for Tom Ford cosmetics at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills is also on set Please do check my two hundred 5 star reviews
At any location of your choice, I have shot at mansions, luxury airbnb, resorts, boutique hotels, peerspace and for lingerie only modeling type of shots, at several LA and OC commercial studios Your location, your privacy
Contact me here on WeddingRule or my site Let me know your ultimate desire and look so I can send you a quick quote, which is one flat price for everything related to photography, no surprises, nothing to buy and no upcharges I don't have set prices for custom Boudoir since no two sessions are alike You don't get cookie cutter Boudoir shots on your bedroom wall with fashion photographer David Victory



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