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Blush Botanicals is a boutique, full service floral and event design company regarded for creating highly customized and uniquely tailored weddings and extraordinary events. Known for their fierce attention to detail and timeless, sophisticated designs, they specialize in the luxury market where they have built a stellar reputation for being perfectionists and innovators in their field.

Lead by owner and lead designer, Alexandra Azat, Blush strives to not only create perfection along each tabletop, but to create a breathtaking overall ambiance throughout the event so guests and clients alike are blown away upon entering one of their signature events.

Alex is a luxury floral and event designer and sought after educator and mentor who is known for her intense attention to detail, sophisticated aesthetic and unique ability to deeply understand the dreams of her clients and vastly surpass them. Alex’s clients trust that they have found someone to guide them through a learning or design process that may be new to them.

She is regarded as always going above and beyond to create events that are lush and full and known for NEVER cutting corners. Not afraid of heights or getting her hands dirty, Alex is often found atop a tall ladder designing custom installations. A true artist, Alex enjoys sketching, painting, woodwork, interior design, calligraphy and all aspects of art.

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