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. It was one of those dreams that we all have tucked away…one of those dreams that we say we might “some day” follow, but deep down, don’t actually believe is a part of our reality.

I began my post college life as a music teacher. My job was rewarding and my students were my life. Twelve years went by, during which I had earned my masters degree in administration. I began to think like a business woman, and was beginning to feel the entrepreneurial side of me bubble to life. I woke up one summer morning to the realization that I had been teaching my students to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams, but I had never once taken my own advice; I realized it was time. Within a week, I resigned from my position. If I was going to make a significant change, I knew that it could not be a gradual process.

I spent the next month creating a business plan, a website, and specific branding ideas. Within two months, I launched Blue Fancy Events. I have never looked back.

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