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Blossom Media is the Leading Premium Wedding Media Services that captures the very special essence of the emotional day. Blossom Media started as a Wedding Videography company founded by Aram Ramirez with a passion of always finding the Cinematic Angle. Our videos don’t play like any regular video, the emotion is brought to life with the skillful artistry that is Cinematography and Editing. Content with a soul that lasts a lifetime, and a quality that will stand the test of time (4K HD). We love great cinematic wedding videos but we love shocking our couples even more! Our mission is to bring you wedding media that will make your day play out like a cinematic movie.

Our mission is to deliver the Best Quality Wedding Films possible. A film that shouldn’t have to break your budget. A film you will want to watch over and over again every anniversary. A film so cinematic, you can see the tears shine in the faces of those who cry.

Movie-Quality Wedding Films that you will enjoy Forever.

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