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Designing wedding cakes is an incredibly fulfilling practice. Each cake I design for my clients is the opportunity to manifest my thoughts into our physical space. At times, it can be very difficult for me to put into words. It’s more of a feeling, an internal satisfaction, a longing to create something I see in my mind that I can’t express in any other way than shutting out the world and allowing my hands to manipulate sugar.

The design process is the most heavily weighted aspect of my business. When I look at my inspiration boards, I see a lot less inspiration from other cake designers and more from other creative industries. My vision boards are filled with couture dresses, avant-garde pieces, pottery, art, lighting, and beautiful landscapes. Ideas truly are everywhere!

Let’s create a cake that hundreds of people will Pin, but only you will have. I’m so excited to meet with you, and I cannot wait to hear your story!

Sending good vibes,

– Julian E.

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Julian Coronado


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