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Offering natural to glam yet timeless bridal makeup that will have you feeling your absolute best on your wedding day. I strive to leave each of my guests feeling and looking their best! I love to focus on enhancing natural features while still making you feel like yourself. I use only the best, highest quality products on the market that will have your makeup lasting all day!

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Katie Riddle


First, it’s important that you review over my website on the different packages offered and see which one will best suit your wedding needs. Once you’re on my website you will also see a section on ‘How to book my wedding’. This will help you in how to do that!
I was originally self taught but decided to further my education in California! I figured what better place to learn makeup than the place where makeup is the highest demand! I took two different wonderful courses two different times! The first course was by Mario Dedivanovic. Most commonly known for being Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist along with many other celebrities. I learned so much about how to achieve the most stunning, durable, and beautiful makeup which is exactly what my brides deserve! The second course I took was by Ani Goulayan (more commonly known for her YouTube channel and Instagram tutorials). She offers her very own makeup school! It was a very intensive course where we had hands on experience and first hand demos taught by her.
I think it’s really important to not just choose a makeup artist that you think does beautiful work. Make sure that that artists work matches the style of what you’re wanting. I try to be very versatile in my looks but I believe every artists have their own style and signature looks. If you think their work doesn’t match things you’ve pinned as inspiration for your own makeup, it might be best to seek out another artist that may better help you achieve what you’re wanting .
That’s what I’m here for! As a professional who has done 100s of makeup applications, I as your artist have an eye for what colors and looks will suit your face best!
That’s a great question! As someone who has not only experienced first hand the differences, but also took two different courses by two different celebrity makeup artists out in California, airbrush Is just a very outdated way of makeup and is no longer the most durable, best option. Even celebrities don’t get airbrush for red carpet events or any events for that matter, so why would you want that for your wedding day? There are many reasons why I think traditional is the better option but some reasons in particular are because 1. Traditional makeup can be more controlled whereas airbrush is harder to control where it’s going as it’s done with a machine. 2. The idea of airbrush is that it’s being sprayed onto your skin which means it’s literally creating a layer of makeup on top of your face. Traditional makeup using liquid foundation can be pushed more into the skin making it look more like ‘skin’ and less like a layer (Cakey-ness). 3. Airbrush can tend to feel heavy on the skin because of the layer it is creating whereas traditional makeup feels much lighter and almost undetectable while still giving full coverage. 4. Because Traditional makeup becomes more one with your skin, it creates a much more seamless, smooth look. 5. Traditional makeup is 1,000 times more durable throughout the day. Airbrush tends to move and more likely to slide since it is a separate layer on top of your skin and not pushed into the skin. With traditional liquid foundation you’re going to be able to sweat, cry and laugh all day and night without worrying about it budging!


1 Review for Beauty by Katie LLC

  • Rebekah H
    Rebekah H wrote a review January 16, 2022
    Beautiful Timeless Wedding Makeup

    Katie always makes me feel so glamorous and beautiful. I let her decide how to do my wedding makeup for me and she did not disappoint. She always know...s what looks best on me and I believe that in 10-20 years time, my wedding makeup will still be beautiful and not out of style. I trust her to know exactly what will look best on me and she serves 🔥🔥🔥 results every time she does my makeup!!

    Date of wedding: 08-23-2020

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