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Hey, girl! I’m Angela, and I am so excited you’re here. Nachos are secretly my love language, the latest Taylor Swift album is currently on repeat and I am on a mission to pet all the dogs. Nearly a decade ago, I began photographing my friends in college and shot my first wedding for one of my roommates—and it was entirely in Russian! Now, I get to love and serve the sweetest brides like you and encourage and empower women that they are worthy now for all good things.

Oh, hello! I’m Michael, and I’m so thankful you’re here. If there’s a guitar anywhere nearby, my music-senses tingle and I just have to pick it up and play. Green Day is my absolute favorite band—their music connects with me more than any other artist, and they have inspired me in so many ways. Fun fact: I bowl and play darts competitively, and I can hit a bullseye or bowl a strike with the best of ’em! When I met Angela, her love for photography inspired me, and we now get to love and serve couples together and cheer them on in marriage.

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